The police lied about my drinking

By on 10-13-2017 in Criminal Defense

Tell me if this is fair: all I did was have an open beer in my car, and now I might lose my license.

Here’s the backstory: I was driving friends home after a party. I’d been drinking a bit, but I made sure to stay under the limit. I’ve had a bit of trouble in the past (all stupid college stuff), which had resulted in a DUI way back, so I know I have to be careful.

Anyway, I’d kept my drinking to a minimum, but my friends kept drinking. Which was fine, I thought. I dropped them all off, and then on the way home, a cop pulls me over for driving too slowly. Now, I was driving slowly so I would be safe since it was a back road and there’s a lot of animals out at night this time of year. But he didn’t care about that, I think he was just looking for someone to pick on, and it happened to be me.

I gave him the usual, good evening officer, what’s the problem, but by the time he was at my window, he already knew he had me. One of my friends forgot to take his beer with him, and there it was, sitting in the cupholder, incriminating me.

Have you been drinking, he asked.

I told him the truth: a bit, but that’s not mine and I’m sober now.

Of course, he didn’t take my word. He paraded me through all the standard tests, and then at the end, after I’d passed his humiliating games, he gave me the breathalyzer. I am almost positive he lied about the result. He said I was over, which is impossible. And he said it didn’t matter if the beer was mine or not, I was accountable for it. Of course, he thought it was mine. No way he believed me. Not this guy.

Anyway, he decided he’d go easy on me, or so he said, and he wasn’t going to arrest me. Instead, he gave me a ticket and told me to come into the station the next day. In the meantime, he waited with me while I called my parents, woke them up, explained, and had them come get me.

I think this guy just gets off on this sort of stuff, seeing a young guy squirm and struggle. He probably knew he had me good, especially after he ran my license.

So, I’ve been to the police station and back, and it looks certain I’ll lose my license. So, goodbye job, and goodbye life. I could kill my friend, but more than that, I could kill that officer for all this when I didn’t even do anything wrong.

My plan now is to fight this. I’ve got a number for a lawyer that I’ve heard is pretty good about this stuff, and I’m going to see if I have a case. Maybe I’ll be able to sue for these guys taking advantage of me. Even if not, I better get out of this. I don’t deserve this, especially after I’d cleaned myself up.

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